The epic mouse captures!

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Its been a while now since i updated my website so here is a few weeks of stuff! So a long mice story short, in our apartment we have had a total of three mice incidents. All three have been caught and released in one way or another!

Book collage

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So i also have this expressionist course which we do a lot of drawing. As a final project, our goal was to create a collage poster composed of multiple sketches (most of it should be made with ink). After some debate i decided to not create a poster but a book that would have the ...

Arts and crafts movement hat

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Arts and crafts movement hat

So i havent updated my site for a good one month now.. here goes one months worth of stuff in a day! =) Well i had to make yet another hat (the first one was the octopus hat) but this one had different requirements. First we were assigned an art period/movement and me and Lisa ...