Sketchbook #2

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I have FINALLY gotten around to making that second sketchbook and what can i say other than LOL…! I had to actually go through two binding processes on this book due to my “hey lets experiment” mentality. If you look at the images in the gallery, what i first attempted was to put three rows ...

Design & Design

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I actually got this book a few months ago but didnt post it on the blog for unknown reasons.. well here it is! Hopefully ill get around to updating my website over the summer in periodic increments but there are no guarantees, my job currently eats me alive!

Update on life!

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Its been a while since i posted something new, and i do have some reasons for that! Anyways here is the short summary of whats new!

Portfolio – Exchange Program

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So if you havent heard yet, i applied for an exchange student program (which would take place in my third year, second semester) The school i applied to was Glasgow School of Art. There were multiple schools out there which i could choose from but i really wanted to apply to a challenging school (just ...

Halloween Costume

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Halloween Costume

Man i need to start updating both fb and my website BEFORE it gets too old =_= (or i could just wait for next years halloween and secretly squeeze it in haha) Well we had a small halloween party at alans place and we all ofcourse had to dress up. I was kinda stumped on ...