2011 Canzine!

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So this year i decided to take part at Canzine. Since a ton of illustrator peeps that i usually hang out with decided to take part, I thought, why not! This also became a “better late than never” post since it occurred some months ago! :D

I was not sure what i would be making for the event but the thought of me doing something illustrator’y was looming around in my head for quite sometime. In the end I didn’t make any personal zines, however i was a part of a larger collaboration called Fingerbiter, where a bunch of my buddies had to illustrate the theme of fingerbiting on a double spread page. Therefore the zine aspect of the show managed to get checked off without me creating an individual zine.

Some accessories that I had go with the selling of that zine were posters and iPhone cases. The posters were images that I thought were interesting, printed on a brown sheet of paper. Before I printed on the brown sheet of paper, I used paint to create an interesting pattern on the brown paper. When the paint had dried, I put it through the large format black and white printers we have at OCADU (I totally recommend this printer if you are on a budget, $1 per linear foot, and our roll of paper is 36″ wide (this means that you can get a 36″ by 12″ b/w print for a dollar!)) If you can be creative with the black and white print, you can create a lot of awesome prints for cheap!

The iPhone cases that I made were somewhat of a last-minute addition to the fleet. I felt that the inventory I had was kinda scarce so I ended up making them the night before the event. With some fabric that I had lying around + some free bags that I had acquired from the CMTS show that I went to, I ended up creating a handful of fabric cases.

The morning of Canzine, i went to Emmet’s place to make some buttons with her button machine. There was some mismatch between the supplies that I bought and the button machine (which I knew of but somewhat ignored), this mismatch made the button creation success rate around 30% haha.

The event itself was a good experience. I did not come early enough so i was kinda squished into this room that was not a part of the main hall which was quite unfortunate. I had also brought the OMNION to add some mood lighting which i must say added a lot to the table that i was at. There were tons of great stuff around the place, what i ended up buying was tons of stickers (one day I will put on my bike) and a t-shirt! It has somewhat become a staple thing for me to buy a t-shirt at these events. The t-shirt is a screenprint of a cat with what I think is an AK-47 gun. Not the regular motive i would wear but amazing nonetheless! Also I got the coolest cupcakes ever at this event! The cookie on one of them is seriously bigger than the cupcake itself haha.

In terms of sales, the posters won by a large amount. The zine, even though it was really nice looking did not sell at all. I think that the competition with all the other zines out there really made it a hard battle to win. Posters, which is somewhat of a more niche item during Canzine stood out way more. I only sold + gave away the iPhone cases to my buddies, the didn’t really sell either haha.

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