2011 Nuit Blanche

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Oh man, I am the procrastinator when it comes to publishing posts in a timely fashion… So here we have some Nuit Blanche images :D I must say this was one of the most enjoyable NB I have been to so far. One aspect that really made it for me was that I had a bicycle (which made it sooooo much more efficient and better to explore areas) Some things to remember from the day,

  • Maggie + her flat tire. We ended up meeting this old couple who allowed us to borrow their bicycle pump which was a few blocks down the road.
  • Hansel and Gretel reinterpretation (that installation was awesome!)
  • Funnel cake + corn + other foods!
  • OCADU’s Digital landscape installation
  • The crusty food tent
  • Keita’s art battle at the AGO
If you havent been to NB yet, then I totally recommend it for next year! (and if you do, rent a bicycle if you don’t have one!)

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