The final days of Glasgow

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There were many things happening in the week before I left for Amsterdam with the  class. First let me start with the pancake day! Pancake day On March 8th, it is pancake day in the UK. And what other things is there than to eat pancakes on a special day like that! Other than the ...

Day: Early March’ish + Little Cumbrae

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Yet again Martin and Me on an adventure. This time we went to the outskirts of Glasgow to a place called Largs. From there we took a ferry over to an island called Little Cumbrae. This is our story xD

Day: Late Feb’ish + Screenprinting

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Hamster sitting A few weeks ago we were given a hamster to take care of! Her name is Mitsy. Weirdly enough, I have gotten into a habit of calling it Ham Ham and changed its gender haha. Not sure how long we will be keeping him in the residence but he is nice to have ...

Day: Feb 13 + Edinburgh

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Short Story Version Nirmal, Martin, Neetu and me decided to take a trip to Edinburgh for the day. Scroll down to see images of dogs, alleyways, hills, buildings and other stuffs!

Day: Jan 30-Feb 11 + Twelve day summary

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So I havent updated in a while, which I feel kinda bad for o well here goes! I’ll start with something that i tried recently. Story mode begin! It was Hannah’s Bday and as a midnight snack, I joined her and Will to the State for a drink or two. After that then we went ...