2013 New Years Resolutions + Battle Plan

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When setting personal goals on my creativity (like consistent blog posts and product creation), why is it that I suck so badly when it comes to sticking to them? Here is my fresh outlook for my New Years Resolutions in 2013. I have ACCEPTED that I’m horrible when it comes to staying consistent so what’s ...

OSAP + What to do next

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First Things First! So im at a time where there are many things I can do. However, one of my first goals on the list is to get a job. I have applied to a few designer jobs, with no luck so now ill go over to plan B, which is to get a retail/food ...

WordPress Child Themes

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So what really is a child theme? Nothing beats the clear and solid definition created by the WordPress website which states “A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to change, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme.” In this ...

Lamp Design – OMNION: mini

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The OMNION series focuses on allowing the user to create their own lampshades with any readily available paper. The OMNION:mini is a 3 piece lamp that slots together, creating the structure. The lampshade is whatever sheets of paper one slots into the slits of the lamp structure. When purchasing this item from my Etsy account, you ...

Bloorcourt update

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After getting the Gladstone Hotel internship, i really did not have too many plans for the summer. Perhaps slowly work on my thing and take it easy. Oh how that changed with Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts fair.