2013 New Years Resolutions + Battle Plan

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When setting personal goals on my creativity (like consistent blog posts and product creation), why is it that I suck so badly when it comes to sticking to them? Here is my fresh outlook for my New Years Resolutions in 2013.

I have ACCEPTED that I’m horrible when it comes to staying consistent so what’s my solution? I’m just going to FORCE myself to be consistent…!

Battle Plan

How am I going to be more consistent you say?

  • I have teamed up with Justine (GF) and we are going to keep each other in check.
  • Use Evernote to jot down ideas and thoughts. Notepad on the IPhone used to be my “go to” text tool. It is one of the simplest notepads and TBH does not tackle anything bigger than a shopping list… hence a huge mess of notes!
  • Use Chains.cc to stay on top of my consistency. This is an iPhone application where you set up your own routines (like blog post every Tuesday) and check it off. Each time you check it off, it adds to your “chain” making it longer. If you miss a day in the week, the chain breaks! Better not break that chain!

Specific Goals/Resolutions

With the tactic above, there are three “New Years Resolutions” I want to adhere to:

  • The first one is to have a minimum of ONE blog post every WEEK. These blog posts will be focused towards creating products for my Etsy shop. The blog posts will consist of process/thoughts/ideas leading up to a new product every 2-4 weeks.
  • Work on being a better barista. With my recently new job at Thor espresso bar, I have this great opportunity to increase both my knowledge and skill when it comes to anything espresso related.
  • Save up money! On Christmas eve, the one thing that I did (which is a huge step forward for me) is to open a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) that has a monthly withdrawal from my checking account. What I need to do is to stay consistent with the monthly deposits WITHOUT making withdrawals from the account!

This will be my first year out of school and I’m really looking forward to whats in store for me, hopefully it will be as awesome as I expect it to be! Good luck to everyone out there with new years resolutions, lets make it happen!

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