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Before I go off and talk about Norway, I of course have to talk about the class trip to Amsterdam I did before! First of all, at the airport, I thought I would be travelling alone but I randomly bump into two of my classmates so the trip over there wasn’t so lonely! When we arrived in Amsterdam, we met up with three other people who had arrived 5 minutes before us.

It was now time to go and buy tickets to the hostel. As we stood in front o the ticket machine, we were confronted by a taxi driver who said that he would drive us to our place for a cheaper price than the bus fare. We took his advice and followed, as we approached the taxi, all of us were talking about how sketchy it was. As we got into the cab, we reassured that it would be 5 pounds per person (we were 6 people so 30 pounds total). He agreed. As we arrived to the hostel, first of all he totally scrapes the side of his taxi into a parked car as he swings in. Secondly when we arrive, he says that he had made a calculation error with the price, in the end it would be 6 pounds per person. The price was still cheaper than the bus but damn, that was some sketchiness going on.

Hans Brinker

We had finally arrived Hans Brinker, the self acclaimed worst hostel in Amsterdam. The first night there, we didn’t have anything scheduled so at we went to the “happy hour” downstairs at the bar. Everyday between  5-6, you could buy two pints of Heineken for the price of one. We of course tried to abuse this daily haha.

Another thing to remember is the early (by my standards) breakfasts. If you didn’t wake up and get food before 10, you wouldn’t get food at all! So harsh haha.

Studio Dumbar

In the following days we went to Studio Dumbar, met up with Maureen Mooren and done a lot of exploration + Coffee shopping! On the second day we rented a few bikes and went around town that way. It was the first time a girl named Jing Jing had ever rode a bike which was quite intense in the harsh biking environment in Amsterdam. She was actually sharing a bike with another girl but we convinced her to get her own and learn. The learning curve was quite easy, a few rounds in the park and she was good to go (we were all really scared for her when she entered the roads though haha).

On my last day of the four days in Amsterdam, Me and Steve (the teacher) had an early flight so we had to go early. We woke up and met up at like 7:30ish and got ready to take the tram and train to the airport.

P.S. My view count for my blog passed 10,000 a few days ago!

P.P.S. Shoutout to the little roar’er, congrats on the RSAMD!


  1. milly
    10 Apr ’11

    Well, never too late, today I got a chance to go through part of your entries and my goodness, you have been keeping track of your days…what happened after you landed in Oslo, no more entry? See you soon…

    • Paul
      11 Apr ’11

      I actually have tons of posts that i want to update my blog with but i havent had time to do it yet… Will do it today or when i come back to Toronto! Btw i have a lunch with Solveig tomorrow so that is going to be quite nice!

  2. Fei
    4 Apr ’11

    oh and congrats with 10,000 views dude!!! sweet milestone there, better keep it up even when you’re back in T.O. :))))

  3. Fei
    4 Apr ’11

    LOL don’t trust those taxi drivers man :P hope you had fun in sin city while it lasted… dang, I miss that city!!!! Happy hours!!! Waaaahhhhhh…! Can’t wait to hear all the *great* stories when you come home!

  4. Jingjing
    3 Apr ’11

    Paul, I need to say thank u very much to u. I really got a brilliant experience on that day. It’s a pity that I haven’t taken a photo with u. Hah. At last, Thank u^_^

    • Paul
      3 Apr ’11

      Ahh JingJing, yea it was really nice that you learned how to ride the bike that day. O well too bad about the photo, maybe we will meet somewhere totally random and we can take a photo then!

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