Thesis Talk

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As a 4th year OCADU student, we have a year-long final thesis project that focuses on whatever you want to that relates to the major you are in. In this year, the graphic design thesis at OCADU has changed a bit.

2011 Canzine!

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So this year i decided to take part at Canzine. Since a ton of illustrator peeps that i usually hang out with decided to take part, I thought, why not! This also became a “better late than never” post since it occurred some months ago! :D

2011 Nuit Blanche

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Oh man, I am the procrastinator when it comes to publishing posts in a timely fashion… So here we have some Nuit Blanche images :D I must say this was one of the most enjoyable NB I have been to so far. One aspect that really made it for me was that I had a ...

Rapid Prototyping Machines

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Last Tuesday I went to the CMTS (Canadian Machinery Technology Show) where I got to see bunch of crazy machines! What was really interesting about this show is that its target audience was large companies, so I got to see these heavy-duty industrial mechanical beasts (some of them bigger than the apartment that I live ...

Life + CNC machine

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Life + CNC machine

The summer went quite well, after coming back from Norway, I knew that I had to take summer school since the exchange student program I did mentioned that I would not receive any liberal study (but in the end I DID get a liberal course which i could not use since they told me too ...