How to: Saddle Stitch

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Saddle Stitching is a method of binding small booklets. Even though it may seem simple, there are a few things one would have to consider/know in making one of these booklets

The Omnion

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The Omnion

Recently in one of my summer courses, I had a course which I thought was a small bundle of joy! What I am referring to is a course called “Small Object Design”. Now this course is probably not everyone’s cup of tea (You had to learn Rhino (a 3D modeling software) from a huge manual ...

Norway, the end

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A few weeks pass and here is the second installation of the Norwegian trip! I went to Trondheim to visit Simen together with Petter. It was literally tons of fun for the short amount of time we were there. We went to two concerts while we were over there, one of them being BigBang. I ...

Norway, the beginning

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One month later I update with some Norway images! Better late than never.. right?! :D So as I arrived in Norway, i luckily had two of my buddies (Simen and Petter) pick me up from the airport. We went straight to a shopping mall where we bought ingredients for burritos! After that we headed over ...

Amsterdam + 10,000 views!

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Before I go off and talk about Norway, I of course have to talk about the class trip to Amsterdam I did before! First of all, at the airport, I thought I would be travelling alone but I randomly bump into two of my classmates so the trip over there wasn’t so lonely! When we ...