Day: Jan 27-30 + Barras Market

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Day: Jan 27-30 + Barras Market

Gonna do a quick summary on these days. On thursday it was a regular school day but when it was over, at the clock hit 12, a big bunch of us went over to the VIC (which is the school bar that turns into a nightclub at night!). And coincidentally, Glasgow School of Art students ...

Day: Jan 26 + The Lighthouse Gallery

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Recently i have had multiple inspirational ideas for my expert project. I think everything is somehow just coming together, thank god for that! My project in a nutshell, what i am doing is asking up and coming graphic design students what skills they believe are valuable for a graphic design expert + why they think ...

Day: Jan 20th + Nacho’s!

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Day: Jan 20th + Nacho’s!

A few days prior to today, we decided that on Thursday, we were having a chicken dinner! I wasnt told to make anything specific so i got the creative freedom to do whatever i want (yay). The day started normally, went to school, chugged away at my assignment.

Day: Jan 19th

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So im changing the formatting of how im updating this Glasgow trip. I was thinking of this nice analogy with a basketball match, whats more interesting, watching a full game from start to finish or just watching the highlights. For the majority, highlights do just fine soooo thats what im changing to. Whenever there is ...

Day: 9 + Expert

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Days are becoming quite similar in which i wake up at 9:30 or so, get to class for 10ish then just chug away at the assignment. Currently since i have chosen to do the assignment that relates to defining what an expert is, i have come up with multiple ideas as to how i would ...