Day: 8 + FoCI

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Today my one and only class started at 2, but since my sleeping pattern for some reason decided that i wanted to wake up at 9, so be it! At like 10 or so i headed over to the library to look look around, there are tons of books and magazines out there so its ...

Day: 7 + Baked potato

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Today i decided to take a shower to begin the day. A good two minutes into the shower the electricity goes… All that goes through my head is “only in Glasgow haha” while i kept on going with my shower. It wasnt as challenging as i expected it to be, showering in the dark that ...

Day: 5 + 6

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Like other days, this day also started early (man this exchange student program is totally changing my sleeping routine back to normal!). Today Martin, Nirmal and me decided to go on this tour of the Machintosh building. Just FYI, it had snowed during the night and this was the first time Nirmal had seen snow!

Day: 4 + Fish & Chips

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Day: 4 + Fish & Chips

Yet again, the day started pretty early. I was out of the house by 10:55ish and arrived at the library. Today was a big day in my book, i was getting access to the school wireless system! Having only access to the internet at my apartment, i was really looking forward to getting this (Since ...

Day: 3 + Haggis

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Today started out at 10am, i went to the Foulis building (where i will spend most of my time in i believe). When i got to the building, i followed the instructions, went to the second floor and waited. When 10am came by i realized i was in the wrong place… checked the floor numbering ...