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For some reason, ever since i got my personal blog up, one of my goals was to create a separate blog for tutorials and other useful types of information to see if i could “win” the mighty internets through monetizing.

Im gonna go into full story mode here so if you just want the quick nuggets, scroll down to the bulletins!

The First Website

First i started working on ObserveDesign, this would be my first stab in creating a tutorial website. I started brainstorming for all the awesome posts i wanted to cover on this website, unfortunately i never committed to them… i felt that something was off… I decided to put it on hold while i focused more on school. A year or so later, what really annoyed me about ObserveDesign was that both the layout of the website + the name that i had picked for it we quite boring. So what i decided to do was to design a whole new brand + theme for this tutorial website. Here is a mini post i made while making the banner for ObserveDesign.

My first task was to create a catchy name that i could make into a brand, what i ended up with was NakedPin. It was available as a .com domain, it had a catchy name + it was a low search term on google. All the things i wanted were encapsulated in NakedPin, so i start building a new website layout for it. I then picked a WordPress template that kinda had the framework that i needed and proceeded to change it to my liking. I ended up with a blog that i was quite satisfied with after a lot of tweaking. Lots of time was spent on creating a layout that i liked… but that’s a life of a designer!

The Second Website

When the layout was done, i then transferred what i had from ObserveDesign over to NakedPin. This was an important turning point for me since i ended up reading this blog post on tentblogger about merging two WordPress blogs together. It also had some pointers on why people would want to merge blogs. One of the pointers mentioned that perhaps putting efforts into creating one amazing blog is better that multiple mediocre blogs. I did not think too much about it at the time and decided to support both my personal blog + NakedPin.

Here is a screenshot of the NakedPin’s blog layout which i had worked on!


Fast forward a couple of months and at this point i realize that the main difference between my personal blog and NakedPin is that i am trying to monetize NakedPin. HOWEVER i also realize that the blog posts that I make for my personal blog sometimes provides valuable context to the posts on NakedPin. I then sat down and thought of the negative effects i would have if I joined my personal blog with NakedPin. The only one i could pinpoint was that I didn’t really want to put Adsense on my personal blog… I quickly put my feelings aside on the topic and decided to just have it on the tutorial pages! This then lead me to combine my personal blog with NakedPin. What i ended up doing was to make it easily distinguishable within my categories about what topic you were in (Currently I have 3 categories, Work, Tutorials and Blog). Right now i am much happier having everything together in one place, having to worry about multiple blogs was really something I did not want to deal with.

Things i thought about before merging my blogs

  • Maintaining multiple blogs takes time and effort. Having it all consolidated into one place makes it way more efficient for me.
  • Less time fussing about the framework and more time in creating content and products to post. This was a big one for me, i have realized that i have used waayyyy too much time nitpicking on the layout…. Get it out and get it going!
  • Everything i talk about can easily fall into the three categories i have created (Work, Tutorial and Blog) without too much confusion.
  • All your effort goes towards one website which will certainly help the SEO.
  • Creating multiple mediocre blogs vs creating one amazing blog.
  • With as the domain, all the posts go towards self promotion.  I think it will be important to focus on myself before branding something else.
  • My blog posts sometimes provide context to one another, making it nice to have them both in one place.
  • The things I would be blogging about would usually fall within the same niche. The tutorials and blog posts all relate back to design, I didn’t really see the benefit of spreading it out.
  • Cost also becomes an issue when having multiple blogs.
  • I initially wanted to only have Adsense on my tutorial blog, however my emphasis now is to generate traffic for my Etsy shop (which is in the makings)
  • My experiences with Adsense have not been game-breaking (no long vacations yet), i would rather invest my time into a shop to sell my products.

It has been quite the rollercoaster ride for me about my blogs and I am glad to say that i have finally settled on a model that i am happy with. For me, putting all my efforts into one blog is the way to go, my first ideas where I wanted to monetize through Adsense by creating a tutorial website was not really inline with the path I am currently walking. After going through and creating all the pointers above, after combining my blogs together, I feel a bigger emphasis on self promotion, quality and unity. However, only after going through multiple blogs do I finally come to this realization.

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