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After getting the Gladstone Hotel internship, i really did not have too many plans for the summer. Perhaps slowly work on my thing and take it easy. Oh how that changed with Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts fair.

On the 18th of August, i will be sharing a 10×10 spot with Justine and Jeannie. We still havent had a solid meeting face to face HOWEVER we did together on Minecraft + Skype to plan our spot layout. I have no idea why more people do this because it’s quite the fun way to plan out spaces! Right now our biggest issue is to get a tent!

As for my own objects, i will be selling the Zelda posters that i created for 5, 10, 15, 20. Another item that i will have (that i have planned out for a loonnnggg time) are customizable lamps. These have been in the idea stage for toooo long and it was certainly about time to get the ball rolling. I have set a hard deadline for myself as Bloorcourt and will hopefully make it in time…!

Paper holding mechanism

The first thing i did was to do a test cut on different widths of acrylic. The three things i wanted to figure out through these tests were if i could make a mechanism that could hold paper nice and snugly. I tested out 4 different variations in 12 different ways. Being able to hold paper well was a core aspect of the lamp that i was creating and i put a lot of effort to make it as seamless of an experience as possible. The mechanism below is the one i decided to go with. It is capable to hold a variety of thicknesses.

Width of acrylic

The second aspect that i was experimenting with was the acrylic widths. Within this test, there were two things i was looking for, the cost of cutting the different widths and how they worked in their respective widths. The widths that i went with were 1.59mm, 2.80mm, 4.43mm and 6.08mm (can’t stress the importance of a caliper enough when making objects that have to be correct in size). The cost of cutting the different widths deviated a lot. The two thicker ones were in the $10 range while the two thinner ones were under $5. The thickness that i chose was the 2.80mm width. It was not too flimsy + was low costing to cut + worked the best of the four tests.

Fit of acrylic slotting

The third aspect that i wanted to explore with these test cuts was the slotting of two pieces of acrylic. After measuring the width of the acrylic, i made 6 different slots that deviated from -0.02mm of the width to 0.08mm of the width. When i got the test cuts back, i realized that the deviations that i made were way too small. As i was trying it out, they all fit somewhat loosely and none of them were much better. I should have had increments of around 0.05mm (so the tests would be between -0.15mm to 0.05mm of the width). I wont have time to do another test cuts so what i did was to commit to a -0.05mm deviation of the acrylic width.

Acrylic colors

After figuring out all the information i could get from the acrylic test cuts, i went to plastic world again (thanks to Matthew who woke up at 7:30am and drove me both times!) and bought 6 different colors of 18×18 acrylic. I got the 18x18in size by taking into consideration the material bed size of the lasercutting place i go to. Together with 4 solid colored acrylics, i also bought 2 flourescent ones. It will be interesting to see the four different colors besides each other when they are done!

Lamp sockets

Moving beyond the acrylic sheets, another aspect that i had to look into was the lamp sockets. I looked high and low for the best lamp socket that would work for my purposes and the one that I ended up going with was this one from the paper lantern store. I first bought a single socket to see if it was what i wanted. I used this one socket to measure, brainstorm and idealize my concepts around. It was really helpful to have the socket in front of me so that I could create a lamp design that adapted to the socket. I recently committed to the lamp socket and did an order of 22 lamp sockets! Buying it in bulk was really useful when it came to cost. When i bought the single lamp socket, I had to pay 15ish dollars extra for the shipping. When buying the 22 lamp sockets, I paid 70ish dollars extra. That is less than $5 per lamp socket extra!

Where i am now with the lamp?

Right after i had submitted the acrylic for lasercutting, i start making some 2D graphics for the manual that is gonna come with it. For that to happen, i went back into the 3D file to get some geometry. What do i realize? That the file is now aligned due to the changes i did to the individual sheets!

Luckily i manage to swap out the files with them (sent an email + did some calling) and everything is back on track! Hopefully when i get them back, they should all be superbly aligned and everything i ever wanted! :D

As of now, i am waiting to get back the acrylic sheets from the lasercutting place. Working on an instructional manual that will double as the beginners lampshade, it is so far turning out awesome! Crossing my fingers for when i get the lasercuts back though, there will certainly be a yay or nay moment, hopefully the yay!  I am confident that it will all work out in the end! Look forward to Bloorcourt and be on the lookout for my lamp shenanigans in the near future! I wouldn’t let you scroll all the way down here without a sneak preview of the lamp. Even though the lamp is not physically made yet, here is a 2D graphic the OMNION: mini!

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