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For sometime now, Cargo Collective has been a service I knew minimally about. Recently the topic of Cargo websites came up again and I decided to plunge back in to do some research on the differences between what I now have with WordPress compared to Cargo. What i really want to figure out is if I can have the portfolio features of Cargo Collective together with the blogging capabilities of WordPress without paying for both services.

My thoughts with Cargo would be to either fully convert from what I now use (Hostgator) to Cargo’s hosting services, while figuring out the blogging aspect or somehow use their free stellar looking portfolio services and connect it to my hostgator blog.

Cargo’s Free Services

First of all, lets look at Cargo’s free services and see if i could combine it with my existing WordPress blog. The free features include:

  • 12 Projects
  • 3 Pages
  • 100MB storage
  • 32 Cargo Designs
  • Edit CSS

Even though it has a limited amount of projects, space and lack of HTML editing capabilities, the biggest issue in my opinion is that you CANNOT use your own URL (which would mean that I cannot change it from “” to “”. If I could pay a fee of 10-15 dollars a year to have this service, this path might have been an option. This shut down my option of combining the free cargo service with my pre-existing wordpress blog.

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Cargo’s paid membership.

This would be instead of my current hosting plan with Hostgator (that i paid $230 for a 3 year plan which includes unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth). Cargo’s membership plan costs $66 a year and comes with these features:

  • Unlimited Projects and Pages (up to 6GB)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Advanced Editing (Edit CSS and add custom HTML)
  • Custom URL (Cargo does not host or sell domains)
  • All Cargo Designs
  • Password protection

What these features allows you to create is an ever-growing portfolio. My main issue is that if i wanted to integrate a blog, I would either have to hack the projects section so that it replicates a blog or use a permalink to an external blog. The hacking of projects would not work since I use my blog as a photo dump. On my current website, I have already passed the 6GB mark, which would be the maximum limit of Cargo Collective. As for using a permalink to an external blog, since i would have cut off my Hostgator hosting, the blog would probably become a free tumblr, or blogger blog…. not really what want to do.


Even though Cargo Collective did not suit my purposes due to the lack of blogging features, they are still a great choice for a lot of people who purely want a portfolio. Cargo really excels at providing the customer with user-friendly portfolio’s and intuitive interfaces. What I will probably end up doing is to look for a WordPress theme that has the portfolio features that are similar to the things I like in Cargo’s themes. It will be a bit more hassle but if that’s the price I have to pay to keep the awesome blogging features in WordPress, then so be it!


  1. Irela
    20 Sep ’16


    Is this information still true? (2016). I recently discovered Cargo and its easy to use but I’m looking to blog. Would you say WordPress is still the better option for this?

    Thanks =)

    • Paul
      9 Oct ’16

      There have probably been improvements since this post was released so I would recommend you do some research to see if these pointers are still relevant!

  2. Alex P
    4 Mar ’13

    Thank you for this! I have the same dilemma. I agree that Cargo is visually stunning but that WordPress may be a more flexible choice for the portfolio + blog combination.

    • Paul
      4 Mar ’13

      Your welcome! After you get over the initial learning curve with WordPress, I am quite confident that it will suit your blog + porty needs :D Also, there ARE visually stunning WordPress themes out there that are on par with Cargo’s themes (spending 20-50 dollars on a premium theme that looks good + has great technical support/forums goes a long way). GL!

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