Making a website header

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Making a website header

Even though i should be doing homework for the end of semester crunchtime. I just felt that taking a few hours designing a header for ObserveDesign was needed! ObserveDesign used to be a tutorial website that i wanted to work on, now it is actually combined together here with my blog!

Pokemon pillow

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Sooo its been a while! Just some updates on my life, currently in the last week or two of school, kinda stressful since all the projects need wrapping up at this point. Glasgow is still happening, sent the acceptance letter, applied for the bursaries and stuffs. Now all i need to do is book the ...

OCAD grad show

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The OCAD grad show occurred not too long ago and i obviously attended and took a few photos (in prep for my own thesis in two years of course :P) There were many good ones but one of the nicest ones IMO was one that i didnt even take a photo off haha. It was ...

Sketchbook #2

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I have FINALLY gotten around to making that second sketchbook and what can i say other than LOL…! I had to actually go through two binding processes on this book due to my “hey lets experiment” mentality. If you look at the images in the gallery, what i first attempted was to put three rows ...

Design & Design

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I actually got this book a few months ago but didnt post it on the blog for unknown reasons.. well here it is! Hopefully ill get around to updating my website over the summer in periodic increments but there are no guarantees, my job currently eats me alive!