Update on life!

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Its been a while since i posted something new, and i do have some reasons for that! Anyways here is the short summary of whats new!

Portfolio – Exchange Program

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So if you havent heard yet, i applied for an exchange student program (which would take place in my third year, second semester) The school i applied to was Glasgow School of Art. There were multiple schools out there which i could choose from but i really wanted to apply to a challenging school (just ...

Halloween Costume

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Halloween Costume

Man i need to start updating both fb and my website BEFORE it gets too old =_= (or i could just wait for next years halloween and secretly squeeze it in haha) Well we had a small halloween party at alans place and we all ofcourse had to dress up. I was kinda stumped on ...

Ida jr the Dolphin!

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So recently me and my friend Ida Maria started chatting about the different kinds of candy that there were in Canada and i told her straight out, to be honest, Norwegian chocolate beats most stuff in Canada hands down. I dont think canada really has a candy that is above standard AND Canadian so… After ...

Gay bar & club

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After a lot of mix ups and date changes, Guru ended up celebrating his birthday on a Friday in downtown Toronto instead of at his place on a Saturday to Sunday kinda deal. So the first place we went to was “O’Grady’s tap & grill”. Here we ate a bit and pre drank before the ...