Design Principles

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So here i have yet another project that i have had lying around for quite sometime, without giving it any recognition on this blog :P Well its a small booklet where we had to explore the different fundamental principles of design by using point, line and plane.

Layout + Feed!

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So i finally got around to changing my old blog layout and this is what i ended up with! Started out with the css from “” since it had the modular post page that i desired in my design also then just hacked and slashed it until it became what i wanted it to become ...

Secret Santa Hat!

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So we had a small secret santa event going on with my Bramptonians and i ended up getting Polly which had a wishlist of gloves, hat or both! I of course ended up making that had and this is what i made in the end.


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Better late than never, wanted to wait until i had my new website layout up before i started posting so here goes a small marathon of posts i guess! Ill start with a project that i did for my graphic translation class, the main objective was to encourage Torontonians to explore within toronto instead of ...

Light art

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Well its been awhile since ive updated (aw not again!) and projects that i want to put up are piling up (you deserve that!) so i guess its time to start updating again! I had this photography project sometime ago where the first stage was to answer 12 question that someone else made for you. ...