Bloorcourt update

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After getting the Gladstone Hotel internship, i really did not have too many plans for the summer. Perhaps slowly work on my thing and take it easy. Oh how that changed with Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts fair.

Merging multiple blogs

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For some reason, ever since i got my personal blog up, one of my goals was to create a separate blog for tutorials and other useful types of information to see if i could “win” the mighty internets through monetizing.

Lasercutting for Designers

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In a nutshell, a lasercutting machine works by shooting a high-powered laser onto a flat material. The laser will follow the path of the file that you give it; it can also create a raster effect by tweaking the strength of the laser. The two main reasons I love the lasercutter is that it is ...

Abstract Zelda Posters for Pop-up shop

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Decided to be a part of a pop-up shop together with Justine, Ness and Jeannie. The details can be found on their Facebook event over here, so if you’re in town in the upcoming week or two, check it out! Here is a quick overview of the event deets!

Tool to: View CSS & HTML code

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There are a couple of tools that allow you to break down a website into its HTML and CSS elements. Depending on what browser you use, some are more compatible than others. In this post I will talk about Google Chrome and in specific, the Developer Tools that come together with the browser.