Day: 0 + Infographic

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Soooo today (hopefully) is the day that i am traveling to Glasgow. I was weighing my luggage earlier and i was over 20kg (its the maximum limit of the luggage i can check in) for some reason. Even though i packed minimally, it ended up overweight.. so i had to take out all of the ...

“Try Something New” Poster

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So here i have another project form my Typography 3 class. This time it is a poster! The assignment was to choose between 5 and 15 typefaces that one could rely on in times of need. After a week or so the assignment brief kinda shifted and now we had to somewhat have a concept ...

Typographic Classification Booklet

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Here i have a project i did for my typography class. Our task was to create a way to classify typefaces that made sense to you. The concept that i created looked first at the serif, determining if it was serif, sans serif or slab serif. secondly you have to look at the weight difference ...

Making a website header

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Making a website header

Even though i should be doing homework for the end of semester crunchtime. I just felt that taking a few hours designing a header for ObserveDesign was needed! ObserveDesign used to be a tutorial website that i wanted to work on, now it is actually combined together here with my blog!

Pokemon pillow

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Sooo its been a while! Just some updates on my life, currently in the last week or two of school, kinda stressful since all the projects need wrapping up at this point. Glasgow is still happening, sent the acceptance letter, applied for the bursaries and stuffs. Now all i need to do is book the ...