Light art

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Well its been awhile since ive updated (aw not again!) and projects that i want to put up are piling up (you deserve that!) so i guess its time to start updating again! I had this photography project sometime ago where the first stage was to answer 12 question that someone else made for you. ...

Tseng render’s

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Well this was pretty much a typography assignment where one had to take either their first or last name and hand render it in 6 times, two times in capitals and the other 4 times in lower case. This was a project that spanned over 3 weeks meaning that each week we had to render ...

Mission: Homemade Sketchbooks!

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Mission: Homemade Sketchbooks!

So i made myself a goal this year to create every notebook/sketchbook that i would use through out the year . They all have to be different in some way or shape compared to its predecessors. Hopefully when i do this, ill master the way of the bookbinder =)

Cardboard stool – 2nd edition

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If you guys remember my cardboard stool post, it consisted of a lot of photos showing the steps. Didnt really feel that those images gave this chair enough justice so here is a video of it in action! The original post can be found here —> Cardboard stool from Paul Tseng on Vimeo.

Short Story – The Waterfront

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Short Story – The Waterfront

For my drawing class, we were assigned to create a short story based around the theme of water. This was a three week long project where first week – we wrote the story out, second week – we made a storyboard and third week – we had the final product finished. My story is based ...