Day: 0 + Infographic

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Soooo today (hopefully) is the day that i am traveling to Glasgow.

I was weighing my luggage earlier and i was over 20kg (its the maximum limit of the luggage i can check in) for some reason. Even though i packed minimally, it ended up overweight.. so i had to take out all of the snacks my mom snuck into my bag (which totaled a good 3-4kg haha). Later on i tried weighing myself and guess what, it said 65kg (i KNOW i am around 55kg)… Thats when my mom said “Dont use the weighing machine on the carpet!”. Sure enough when i put it back to a tiled floor, my weight went back to 55kg and my luggage ended up as 15kg… hence the snacks is back into my bag!

A small update on that, the flight was delayed from 17:10 to 20:10 then delayed yet again to 21:10. Perfect time to update m blog while sipping chai tea!

During my holidays, i was helping my sister with some GD related stuff. It mostly consisted of editing this book on Broadacre cities. Putting details aside, i made these two infographics that i was quite satisfied with.

This first infographic represents the vast amount of architecture that Frank Lloyd Wright helped create during his lifetime. The bar graph represents the amount of architecture created per year.

The second infographic is right after the first one so i tried to make them relate to eachother. By keeping the bar chart in the exact same position, a strong relationship between the two was formed! In this one the bar graph represents the amount of words relating to Broadacre cities within his his written works.

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