Day 1: Rock Climbing

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Why it interests me:

Its the same satisfaction you get when you climb a tree to prove to a friend that you indeed CAN climb that tree! Its a hobby that you push yourself to climb higher, faster and more challenging routes.

Some Reddit tidbits:

I did a reddit post and here are some solid comments I got from it:

“I like it because it’s a puzzle. There is usually an easier way to get something done, how to position your body and you have to find it. ” by hotstargirl

“I enjoy climbing because I’m afraid of heights, and it gets me out of the house.” by 2kN

“It’s a problem solving exercise at all levels, and a great mental workout.” by tlsenor

“…standing on top of tall stuff is pretty sweet if you ask me.” by gio92

“You have one person climbing as well as they can and you have one person trying to make sure they don’t kill themselves.” by firetaucayenne


There is a good post on BlogTO on rock climbing gyms in Toronto. The closest one to me is called Joe Rock Heads and here is their pricing list.
  • Basic beginner lessons where you pay $35 for a 3 hour session.
  • A Yearly pass to this gym will run you $595 which gives you unlimited gym access.


The basic beginner lesson comes free with rental equipment, however you would eventually want to invest in a good pair of climbing shoes and they will run you around $150.


This is a hobby where as you get better, more climbing paths and options open. There are always walls full of challenging paths that one will take years to master. As you hone your skills in this hobby, you will certainly grow in strength, dexterity and courage as you plan your path up the wall.
“Climbing is challenging, there are always new problems and styles: boulder, top rope, lead, trad, cracks, overhangs, traverses, off-width, etc. There is always room for self-improvement: getting stronger, better technique, precise footwork, better balance.” by 0bsidian

Mastery level:

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