Day: 1 + Exploration

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So i arrived at Glasgow International today. It landed at round 10 in the morning. Right after grabbing my luggage, i took a cab to my residence. Some things to note about the cabs, they are all streamlined. The machine which counts the distance traveled is already embedded into the dashboard of the taxi. Also if you didnt know, they driver sits on the right side!

There was a certain time frame which i had to pick up my residency keys (1pm-4pm) and since i arrived quite early (11ish) i walked around until i found a Starbucks where i got a Mocha + a newspaper. Burned a good 2 hours there!

Being such an early bird, i was the first one into the apartment. I am sharing with 6-7 other people, currently i have met one of them and seen another person. O well, first day of school is tomorrow so ill probably meet them all within the week! And regarding first day of school tomorrow, i have no idea what my schedule is.. ill have to find that out tomorrow!

Met some cool people in our lounge just now, man i gotta start writing names down!.. Gloria, Hugh, Sam + 2 other i forgot =_=

Something to try, shreddies + milk + microwave~

After checking out the place i also went out and explored the place. After talking my roommates telling htem about where i went, they were surprised that i wasnt mugged when i went to that part of the city. Haha not going to that side anymore!

The guy in the red hoodie told me some sweet spots to go to, one of them being those three tall buildings that had a nifty facade but crappy side. Manage to sneak into one of them, went to the top floor and snapped some photos from the 20th story window.

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