Day 10: Baseball

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Why it interests me:

I tried playing baseball in High School just to get out of the “racket sports” trend that I had. During the second or so tryout meet, we did some batting practice and I pulled my neck so badly that I couldn’t keep on going… Fast forward a few years and I watch a cool anime called Major and One Outs + a few manga’s like Diamond no Ace and Last Inning (you can see a trend with Japanese Anime/Manga and their baseball passion xD) and I enjoyed them all!
Fast forward to today and I ended up playing some casual baseball with some of the Thor team + a buncha other people at Alexandra Park.
2014-07-04 19.49.51
One thing to say is that all that anime/manga consumption has NOT helped my real life baseball skills at all haha (its super fun though!)

Price + Equipment:

You would need a basic baseball glove ~$50 and a ball ~$10. Find a field / park somewhere and practice throwing! Eventually you would probably want to invest in your own bat ~$100. Like any other sporting equipment, the best thing to do is to go into a store and try out the different options they have and get the one that fit your needs the best.


I would initially start off by finding a group / someone to play together with. Throwing or hitting a baseball really needs 2+ people… My next step would be to find a casual league where you can actually play the game. The biggest hurdle I have is to properly understand the rules, regulations and optimal moves. What do you do when X is on Y base and I think that just comes with time and experience. Check out the video below for a summary of the sport!

Baseball Basics:

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