Day 11: Swimming

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Why it interests me:

I am quite bad at swimming… and that’s one of my motivations to get better! I can swim for a couple of minutes consistently and float on my back but other than that, technique and stamina is FAR from any good. Since it’s a life skill that I really should get down properly, this one is somewhat high on my hit list of “to-do” hobbies.

Price + Equipment:

A local pool is somewhat easy to come by and a casual yearly swimming membership ranges from ~$150 – $250 for public Toronto pools.

If you are totally unfamiliar with swimming and water then I would highly recommend going together with someone experienced or take basic swimming courses (The courses at are ~$10/hour).

Equip yourself with a basic towel + swimming trunks and you are good to go.


I would start with baby steps and first get familiar with water if you havent already done so. Become comfortable at putting your head under water before starting to do any swimming moves. Learning proper techniques and swimming methods will allow you to be more efficient in the water. Learning different strokes will come later!

Floating on your back:

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