Day 12: Bowling

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Why it interests me:

Every now and then you end up in a situation where your friend group want to go to a bowling hall and you see that one guy that curves the ball with great speed and gets consistent strikes. Well being that guy would be awesome :D

Price + Equipment:

Joining a summer league would be a great way to get access to both the lanes, equipment and right people to be around. At PlaytimeBowl, there are summer leagues that last for 10 weeks and cost $10 per week (so $100 in total)

If you want your own bowling ball, they go for ~$150, while shoes go for ~$60. I would probably try to join a league first as they might have discounts and hookups for equipment!


What I would want to get good at first is to get a proper throw down. Do some research on how the pro’s do it and practice it. Learn about proper form, the arrows on the lanes, ideal place to hit the pins and so forth. Learn from other bowlers by joining leagues and see where that takes you.

Curveball techniques:

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