Day 13: Life Drawing

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Why it interests me:

In year of design school at OCAD mixes courses from different faculties (art and design) for students to take. As a primarily design oriented student, I ended up in a few mandatory drawing classes and now and then, there would be live drawing. It certainly took me out of my comfort zone (in a good way) and I would have never realized how much fun it is to draw with charcoal, while getting all messy in the process!

Price + Equipment:

A sketchbook ~$15 (Consider sheets of paper + a bullclip + a solid flat surface)   + your preferred drawing tool (mine would be charcoal that goes for ~$5). If you are planning on sketching in a cafe setting, a less messy drawing tool would probably be better.

Instead of just drawing in cafe’s Toronto have a lot of drawing sessions every week that go from free – $10. Check out the list by BlogTO and pick a place that you might enjoy + bring some friends with you!


If you just want to draw then you can draw but if you want to improve your own drawing then its all about acquiring a critical eye during your own drawing session. Learn from other people and initially copy/mimic what they do. Try to use what you have observed as your own. Eventually you will carve out a style that works for you and at that point, its all about practice!

Life drawing from start to finish:

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