Day 14: Speed Reading

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Why it interests me:

First of all, I want to say that I am NOT a fan of reading. The knowledge and entertainment I would get is nice however I don’t like the consumption (reading) part. This is where speed reading comes into play. Wouldn’t it be nice to increase your speed of reading (and forego with the par that I don’t enjoy that much?).

Price + Equipment:

Learning this hobby is all about learning the methods and techniques. There is this article on Four Hour Work Week that writes about learning the method of speed reading. Learn the techniques they use first before trying to read for comprehension.

There are also apps that allow for speed reading. One of them called Spritzinc (check out this article by Buzzfeed) flashes single words in front of the reader, making you take in one word at the time. By decreasing the intervals between flashes, you take in the same information quicker than your regular reading method!

Getting a library card / reading at your local book store is an easy and free way to read books. However buying books and reading them at your own comfort at home is tough to beat!

Basic Speed Reading technique:

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