Day: 2 + Tourbus

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Today started bright and early at 6am (When i woke up for no apparent reason..) stayed in bed until 8 which was when i took a shower, I must say that the shower is the highlight of this place! Nice and consistent warm water :D Something that i was somewhat very surprised over when i went in haha.

Another thing that i learnt was that we have to pay for our own electricity! And its with the weirdest system ever, we get this USB like device which we plug into the wall by our electricity fuse. It acts like a credit card for electricity, so there is a meter right by it showing how much money is on this electrical USB device. To recharge it when it runs out, we have to go to the post office LOL. Currently there was a bit less than a pound on the thing so im guessing our electricity is going to run out sometime tonight… :D

Since i had no idea of what my schedule was, my roommates showed me to the Mackintosh building where i could talk to the receptionist. Thats where i was told that the international students were meeting at 11, with my newfound time of an hour, i went exploring down the shopping district! The easiest way to describe it would be Karl Johan’s in Oslo, cars are not allowed to drive there and there are stores in every direction!

When 11am hit, i went back to the place where the meeting was gonna be held, there they had an introduction + some forms we had to fill out to get our student ID card. The most noteworthy thing i got out of the introduction is that student life over here is NOT going to be similar to what i had in Toronto. Self study = either my birth or demise lol. After that they took every exchange student on a tourist bus.. TOURIST BUS xD

Took tons of photos on that bus. One thing to take note of, it was a open roof bus with two floors (one of those classic ones you see in Paris all the time) and it was freezing cold! Only a handful of us toughed it out throughout the whole trip. When we got back to the school they provided us with Gløgg, beer, soup and pizza :D

Once the whole introduction was done, i headed over with my newly acquired student ID card to the library! Since every building has a ID card scanner to get in, i tried getting in previously but my efforts were fruitless.. until i got my ID! Once i got in there, i checked the place out, read some magazines and passed out sleeping on one of the couches there.. the temperature is sooo ideal for naps haha.

Ended up sleeping at 6pm, woke up at 1am, went to the living room of our flat and ate some cornflakes…! Its currently 5am and i havent been able to sleep… have to wake up for a meeting at 10am tomorrow to meet the head of Graphic Design. Oh man, thats gonna be interesting, hopefully ill get my schedule!

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