Day 3: Bonsai Tree

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Why it interests me:

As a person who has not attempted to take care of any type of plant life. Bonsai tree’ing feel like one of those unknown areas of the hobby which I MIGHT enjoy since its not only about taking care of a plant but includes elements like crafting, sculpting and tending it to look like a small tree.

The beauty does not lie in the flower that blooms, instead it relies on you mastering its artistry and technique.

Basic knowledge about the hobby

  • Bonsai means “Tree in a pot”
  • You can use ANY plant, tree or shrub for the bonsai art. It is through constant root pruning that the plant stays small. (so NO there are no “special” bonsai seeds, which I initially thought…!).

Price + Equipment:

A basic Bonsai Kit can be around $35. Personally this is one of those hobbies where I would take pride in having a good set of tools, which would probably lead me to buying a more professionally looking tool set (like this bonsai kit for $230).
You might also want to order some specific trees, pots and soil that will probably run you $100-200.


Start off by reading some basic articles and watching some videos. The worst thing would be to invest heavily into the hobby without the basic skills to take care of your tree for an extended amount of time. Remember, its kind of like an endurance test! 

The bonsai tree will directly reflect your technique and skill level. Does it look like what you want it to look like? If not, perhaps its time to experiment with some pruning and trimming. Want to try out a different type of tree? Perhaps one with fruits?

Getting Started with Bonsai Trees:

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