Day: 3 + Haggis

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Today started out at 10am, i went to the Foulis building (where i will spend most of my time in i believe). When i got to the building, i followed the instructions, went to the second floor and waited. When 10am came by i realized i was in the wrong place… checked the floor numbering of the building and sure enough, it said i was on the second floor. I then asked around and this lady told me that the Graphic Design floor was on the second floor. When there and yup, i was in the right place! A small tidbit about the building is that they are going to tear it down soon and move the whole department to another place. To be honest i like the dingy office environment with white walls where students can do whatever they want!

It all started out a bit differently that what i have been used to. We sat down around this nice space that had sofas and stuff waiting for the teachers to come. When they came in, they had four assignments in hand and pinned them up on the wall and said “take a look at them and we will talk about them afterwards”. Used 3 or so minutes to look at it then the three teachers i had (Steve, Jo and Kirsten) gave a brief explanation of the four projects.

Ill give you a small overview of the four projects i got to choose from

The first one was to create souvenirs for one of two events. The first event was “The Royal Wedding between William and Kate 2011″. The second one was “The first year of the Coalition Government created in 2010″

The second one was to look at a famous interview transcript and typographically represent it.

10,000 hours
The third one is to look and analyze the term “expert”. See what the parameters of it and create pieces which would represent this term “expert”. These pieces have to be directed towards an exhibition environment.

Harris Tweed
The last one is a bit different compared to the other three, this one was actually a real brief from a client called Harris Tweed. 6 people selected from the different departments are chosen to help create the identity of Harris Tweed. Its an interesting one but it lasts for two terms (i am only here for one term so i dont think i should pick this one!)

Here are some photos of the workspace ill be in!

What i feel is really good about the GSA (Glasgow School of Art), is how.. laissez faire it is! There are hardly any restrictions for any of these projects. No specific medium, size, amount just anything under the sun. This is where talking to people becomes important, i think we have to kinda make sure that the teachers are aware of what we are doing so that we dont show up on the last day with something totally random that they had never seen before. To do this, every Friday they have critiques throughout the whole day.

There are no set studio times, its between 9 and 5 on Monday to Friday. On Tuesday there is a lecture which creates the liberal studies part of the course. On Thursday there is a type event that occurs. Its quite different from what im used to but from my first impressions, i think this teaching method sounds really interesting and overall better way than the strict schedule i was given in OCAD.

After this we had the project briefing, they said that if we wanted to learn more about the Harris Tweed project, you could come back at 4pm to watch some movies about it. Thats when we all dispersed.

After that one of our teachers showed us (the four exchange students in this department: Martin, Tony, Joellen and me) around the Foulis building. In here there was a photo studio, tons of computers, convenient food lounge, screenprinting and a letterpress room!

After we were done with all the school related stuff, we met up with one of Tony and Joellen’s friends and went to eat some food! After a long walk, we arrived to a place called waxy o’connors. What a name haha, we ended up going in and it had this medieval feel to it! This is where i ate it, Haggis! TBH, it tasted quite decent. Reminded me of minced meat with like finely chopped veggies or something. I think the presentation of it was way too.. tame compared to what i expected it to look like haha.

Here is a photo of the haggis, it looks so.. normal!

I was suppose to go out after the dinner with m roommates (since every thursday i believe there is this huge party going on) but i was totally pooped out and ended up going to sleep at around 8… yea im soft haha :D

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