Day: 4 + Fish & Chips

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Day: 4 + Fish & Chips

Yet again, the day started pretty early. I was out of the house by 10:55ish and arrived at the library. Today was a big day in my book, i was getting access to the school wireless system! Having only access to the internet at my apartment, i was really looking forward to getting this (Since my apartment is cold, lonely and an overall crappy place to work at!). The instructions were quite straightforward. Plug in some personal data and voila, you had internet! However when i went and tried it for myself, ofcourse it didnt work, so i had to have one of the librarians reset my password. After the reset, it finally worked!

After the small induction on wireless internet, i headed back to my apartment and sat in the living room. Something i might have forgotten to mention was that the electricity had gone and the only way to refil it would be to go to one of the refill stations around with that USB key i was talking about previously. So thats when i bumped into Hannah. After we ate some breakfast, we head out to refill the electricity key! We walked 5 minutes to a store called the Newsbox. They had this bright yellow machine which they put the key into and refilled it with our desired amount.

After heading back to the apartment to plug the key back in, I headed over to the Foulis building where i spend a good chunk of my day trying to figure out which project brief i would be choosing for the four coming weeks. The standards for working over here i must say are… super relaxed.

At 5 or so, i headed out with Martin (he is also in the same area as me since we both study the sam thing) to the Newsbox yet again since he lived in a different apartment and had no idea where this refill station was. When we were done refilling, the store right next to it was a fish and chips place so we decided to go and eat there a bit. I must say that these fish and chips werent that good, they were pre fried so he kinda just took one off the heater area and gave us some fries with it. I could taste that it wasnt that amazing.. so my hunt for a nice fish and chips in Glasgow has begun!

After that we headed back home where i passed out quite early on in the night.

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