Day 4: Miniature Figure Painting

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Why it interests me:

I have been fully emerged in the table top gaming world ever since I started designing Outer Earth. Miniature boardgames like Mice and Mystic appeal a lot to painters because the characters have great poses that would look even better with some color. If I got into miniature painting, it would really open a whole new section of boardgames that I would be willing to invest in!

Price + Equipment:

A basic set of brushes can go for as low as ~$10. Depending on what you are painting, you might want to buy a specific color set. A set of 8 themed colors (elfs, skintone, orcs etc) goes for ~$20. Depending on material you are painting on, a basic ~$10 primer will greatly help.

Here is a detailed blog post by ReaperMini on all the things one COULD have to improve your painting experience. The more miniatures you take on, the more supplies you will buy!


There is some basic knowledge you need to know about how material, paint and brushes interact with each other. As you paint more miniatures, you will for sure improve your eye for detail and consistency. However what I would get a lot of satisfaction from would be to actually use the miniatures in a tabletop game of some sort (Warhammer 40K comes to mind).

Miniature Speed Painting:

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