Day: 5 + 6

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Like other days, this day also started early (man this exchange student program is totally changing my sleeping routine back to normal!). Today Martin, Nirmal and me decided to go on this tour of the Machintosh building. Just FYI, it had snowed during the night and this was the first time Nirmal had seen snow!

As for the tour, it was quite interesting to say the least, expected it to be a lot of history behind it but it was quite overwhelming. From animal icons, supporting beams that only serve a visual purpose, gridded windows so students could draw the landscape while waiting for the professors and much much more! We were not allowed to take photos of the building… (but since im a student, ill just come back After that i went back to my apartment to eat some breakfast (since i had clearly ignored it in the morning).

There i bumped into Hannah and Hugh, after a chit chat about what they would do this fine saturday (went to the went to the library with Hannah to do some research on our projects. She is in first year photography, which sounds quite fun IMO. Most of my time over there was spent browsing the vast amount of magazines they have.

When the library closed we went back to our apartment where we i then got brought out by Hugh to this pre drinking party at like 7ish. Before that we went to Tescos where we bought some beer. I bought their recommendation on the cheapest beer to get drunk on which was from this French brewery. We went to this apartment in the same Margaret Macdonald complex but in a different block, into a guys apartment called Chad. Played some cards, listened to music while drinking* After that we headed over to Rosies birthday party. It was across the street and when we got there, police was already at the doors due to complains of it being too loud. After a min or so the police left and we went in haha.

I ended up leaving quite early after an hour or so of mingling due to a rumbling stomach. Had a quite good night of sleep until i woke up at like 5am due to people in our living room. Decided to play some games until they left, they didnt lol… so at like 7ish i went into the living room where i saw Maria and some other people having a mini after party at our place**

Ate some food while in the living room until i decided to try and go back to sleep. Sunday can be summed up with one word, Recovery.

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