Day 5: Axe Throwing

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Why it interests me:

I have used an axe to chop wood during my boyscout days. Now fast forward to my current life situation in Toronto where I realize there is an axe throwing club quite close to the downtown Toronto core… that also serves beer! As one of those fun and social hobbies where you learn a really unorthodox skill, this one hits the target!

Price + Equipment:

At BATL, there is a $40 per person to be a part of a one night throw. They also have a league where you pay $120, which runs for 8 weeks. By joining the league, you also are allowed to buy an axe from them for $20.

If you want to buy your own axe, “All axes must have a wooden handle and be within a 0.25 pound either way of 1.5 pounds. Those are the rules of the axe if you decide to find your own.”.


Its like darts but with axes. Once you get a good technique down and manage to consistently make the axe stick to your target, its all about honing your accuracy and consistency. As the BATL sounds like a casual throwing scene that allows for beer, this hobby would probably be more of a casual and social experience for me.

Axe Throwing Compilation:

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