Day 6: Baking

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Why it interests me:

When I was a wee child living in Norway, there was this one cook book named ” Fra boller til burritos”, which means “From buns to burritos” that first introduced me to baking.
I had done one of the simpler bun recipes with great success and made it a couple of times after the first baking success (sometimes even putting a piece of chocolate wrapped inside!). My baking experience sadly stops there, however I love the feeling of combining ingredients, making and waiting for the baking to finish and hoping that something amazingly tasty comes freshly out of the oven.

Price + Equipment:

Depending on what you are baking, there is always new and fancy equipment that can be bought. As for the super basic necessities of baking, an oven (hopefully you have access to one of these!), measuring cups (~$10) and a mixing bowl (~$15)

Each time you bake something new, you will need to buy a few specific ingredients to the recipe, however some basic ingredients that you can buy in bulk that are used for many baking recipes are things like:

  • All purpose flour
  • Sugar + Salt
  • Butter
  • Baking powder/soda
  • Milk
  • Egg

TheBakingPan has an extensive list that looks at many baking tools that you might want to invest in further down the road.


I would try to tackle one recipe at the time and check where I went wrong / right during the process in comparison to the baked end piece. Each time you try out a new baking methods, the same trial and error process initiates. Eventually you will have an extensive knowledge of multiple different baking methods that will allow you to experiment and play around with the recipes to your liking!So if you enjoy baking, the hobby has a certain depth where you can try to make different pastries (try to make a nicely layered croissant from scratch) or perhaps just hone in on one type of pastry through multiple variations.

Baking time-lapse Goodness:

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