Day: 7 + Baked potato

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Today i decided to take a shower to begin the day. A good two minutes into the shower the electricity goes… All that goes through my head is “only in Glasgow haha” while i kept on going with my shower. It wasnt as challenging as i expected it to be, showering in the dark that is!

I came to school quite early, when i entered the design floor it was totally empty! I had arrived at 9:30 and we were expected to be there between 9-10 sooo i decided to go and chill at the library for a bit. There i saw a nice magazine called print which i will probably subscribe to when i get back to canada!

Came back at 10 or so when more people had arrived, then started chugging away on the assignment by doing research. I had decided to do the 10,000 hours one over the interview one since i though tit had the most possibilities out of the two.

This is what i i was focused on for 8 hours straight, man i never get such long work periods in toronto! I really liked it, felt like i was being quite productive!

When i got back to my flat, i saw Sam, Breb and Maria watching “Batman: The Dark Knight” so i joined them. When that movie was over, Maria put 4 potatoes in the oven for baking and we loaded up “The last king of Scotland”. Quite an contrast of a movie compared to batman (in a good way that is!). The baked potato tasted quite good with butter & philadelphia (the herb and garlic one!). Yum.

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  1. Fei
    17 Jan ’11

    “Only in Glasgow” lol, man, gotta say that whole electric USB key system is blowing my mind! Freaking sweet system, definitely curbs wasteful use of power. At least the power for the hot water didn’t go on you too! Just packed up the exhibition today, sad to see it go but it might have a second life somewhere else (still making arrangements..). You were totally here in spirit :) Keep on writing, great to hear about your adventures. f.


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