Day 7: Wine Tasting

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Why it interests me:

Alcoholic beverages (like wine)are something that I would like to learn more about just because of how integrated it is in our community. I recently saw this documentary called Somm on Netflix that brought the viewer into a world of people trying to become Sommeliers (the highest rank you can achieve in the wine industry), which really opened my eyes as to how bad my taste buds are at identifying what I eat/drink xD

Price + Equipment:

Personally I am a casual drinker that goes to LCBO and wanders the lanes, reading wine labels with no clue as to what I really am looking for. Most of the time I purchase a product that has an enticing label and description that couples well with what I am about to eat.

The one thing I would recommend investing into is knowledge of tasting. My sister recently bought the course about wine tasting on sale at The Great Courses as she also is interested in this hobby. I have still not started the course but will write a small update on when I have!

I would probably pick up a book like How to Taste at ~$20 and try to apply your new found knowledge each time you taste wine, beer, foods etc.

Winefolly is a great website that you certainly should check out for wine specific tasting.


Start your wine session by smell and try to name the aromas. Taste it, what are the flavours in there? Slowly go deeper and identify the density, acidity, tannin…. etc etc. I would personally think this is as far as I would go with this hobby but If you want to go deeper into the subject, surround yourself with fellow tasters. Find a local place where you can practice together with people. Take some indepth courses and perhaps aim to take the Sommelier exam!

Crazy Wine Tasting from the Somm movie:

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