Day 8: Creative Writing

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Why it interests me:

I remember in OCAD University where we did a small creative writing segment and my thoughts were at the time that this is something that is NOT for me. However just like any other creative outlet, its another way to express yourself.I dont consider the kind of blogging that I do as “creative” writing. Its the creation of characters, words, stories, narrative etc etc that I consider as creative writing.

Price + Equipment:

Creative Writing is quite inexpensive, get a nice pencil/pen $5 and a lined notebook $15 and you are good to go!

I consider this one of the hobbies that your surroundings play a big factor in your writing experience so spend $5 on a beverage in a coffee shop. Perhaps go to a nearby park and watch people take their dogs for a walk.

Like any other hobby, creative writing has tons of online resources that you can take advantage of. Daily Writing Tips has a post on “Creative Writing 101″. Google is your friend in both consumption AND finding places to share your writing!


I would start off by writing anything that I wanted to write about. I would also try to overcome my own fear of sharing something self created with other people (by sharing it earlier rather than later!). Just take any thought you have brewing up in your head and try your best to cohesively place it on a page. Start to have fun with your creative writings and broaden your horizon with new topics, environments and character creation. Perhaps aiming to create a novel will be the next on the list!

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  1. Elaine
    3 Jul ’14

    Do this one!!! Make Justine do her 27 days of writing.


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