Day: 8 + FoCI

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Today my one and only class started at 2, but since my sleeping pattern for some reason decided that i wanted to wake up at 9, so be it! At like 10 or so i headed over to the library to look look around, there are tons of books and magazines out there so its hard to get bored.

I had downloaded a book called “The Outliers” the other day by Malcolm Gladwell so that i could get a deeper insight on the 10,000 hours = expert rule that he referred to. One thing while reading it was that it really is only ONE skill that will be perfected over the 10,000 hour period. So becoming an expert in design within 10,000 hours would probably not be possible but a typographic specialist would.

When the time came, i headed over to the Barnes building where i would do my FoCI (Forum of Critical Inquiry) which would be the equivalent of a liberal studies course. Me and a handful of people began were sitting down in the main lecture hall waiting…. when the time came and went we started talking about if we were in the right room or not. We werent haha so we went up to this dinky room on the second floor where we had our class.

The class lasted for 45min (which is way shorter than the 10-5+ days i do in the design space) and at the end of the whole class, a 3,000 word essay is required. I guess Glasgow leans heavily toward the design practice and not as much into the liberal aspect which i really like!

After the FoCI i went to the design work space (man this has turned into my new den!) and did some more research on the 10,000 hours assignment and after awhile, Martin and me went to grab some food. We went for quite the long walk until we came to a place called “Best Kebab” and who doesnt want the “best” kebab in Glasgow haha. It was quite good (but ive tasted better :P)

When i got back to my apartment, Berb, Hugh and Sam were about to watch the movie “The Warriors” so i decided to join them! Watching these old ghetto movies make me lol.. looking back and seeing how we used to be is always interesting xD

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