Day: 9 + Expert

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Days are becoming quite similar in which i wake up at 9:30 or so, get to class for 10ish then just chug away at the assignment. Currently since i have chosen to do the assignment that relates to defining what an expert is, i have come up with multiple ideas as to how i would go around doing that. I am about to have a critique on my ideas in a an hour or so but before that ill regurgitate my ideas over here.

The “rate” of an expert – Since the 10,000 rules = expert study was applied to violinists + the programming skills of bill gates in the book “The Outliers” it is understood that this applies to become an expert in ONE skill. Unlike designers who have to know multiple skillsets in this day and age.Therefore instead of 10,000 hours = expert, i would propose a rate of improvement instead, where one would be considered an expert once you passed a certain point of rate of adaptability.

What an expert is NOT – The word expert has a lot of similar words like master, professional, specialist etc so to get a greater understanding of the word, i would highlight the differences between the seemingly similar words + common misconceptions.

Another way of looking at it would compare the different terms to a water analogy. Take for example the specialist, it can be compared to a watergun since it only serves one purpose. The professional might be a water bottle, since they are more concerted about the financial aspect of the skill. The expert might be the sea, there are a lot of them and they all have their own flow (opinion) while a master might be a boat, unaffected by the flow of experts. Its quite out there in conceptuality and i think i need to ground it more with concrete information if i want to do this one.

Master and Apprentice comparison to contemporary experts – There has clearly been a shift since the apprentice days where one would be an apprentice under one graphic designer and spend countless hours learning from that one person while practicing ones skill to perfection. I would make a comparison to how graphic designers are viewed today.

Graphic Design vs. Visual Communications – How the occupation has evolved over time. Previously it was about carving your own niche with your design style. Companies hired specific graphic designers due to their style and thats what they were known for. Currently it has become more of a problem solving occupation. With the creation of the internet, collaboration has become a more prevalent aspect. Also styles went from a defining aspect of a designer to a tool which designers use in their arsenal.

Currently i am leaning towards the last two, im kinda curious about the past and present comparison. So the day pretty much consisted of pumping out research for these ideas. Dinner consisted of pasta, tomato sauce and a pack of tuna.

Later on in the night there was this pre-party before the Vic. We first chilled at our apartment•• then headed over to Seths place• When we ended up at the pre-party, it ended for us as fast as it began since we had to take Sam back home. I didnt end up going to the Vic… next thursday for sure!

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