Day 9: Speed Cubing

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Why it interests me:

I used to be able to finish a Rubik’s cube in ~1min a couple of years back. One thing that I was always amazed at was the videos online where kids finish cubes in 15 seconds or less. Its something about the quickness and always trying to beat your personal best score that has pulled me in.

Price + Equipment:

I have 2 Rubik’s cubes and one of them purchased in a local hobby store while my second one was ordered online and is specific to speed cubing. Left = bought in a hobby store (~$15), right = bought online (~$15 + shipping/free shipping)

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I highly recommend buying a stickerless rubik’s cube since its smoother to turn, the quality is better and the stickers dont fade/peel. It’s around the same price including shipping.


My progression began with just playing around with the cube in the beginning. Eventually I wanted to learn how to actually SOLVE it so I went online and found some tutorials here and there. Now I am actually interested in different ways of solving a cube (I used to know how to solve a cube by layer, however there is this other method that  people recommend to solve it by from one corner outwards).

Speed Cubing Madness:

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