Day: Early March’ish + Little Cumbrae

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Yet again Martin and Me on an adventure. This time we went to the outskirts of Glasgow to a place called Largs. From there we took a ferry over to an island called Little Cumbrae. This is our story xD

Train ride

The day started around 11′ish. We went to central station and bought our tickets from one of those ticket machines instead of the tellers (through prior personal experience, we knew that one could hardly hear the person speaking behind the glass window, which just made for a horrible ticket experience). As we walked towards our train, we passed all these boring high speed trains. What we ended up with however was this beige/maroon colored, not so fast looking train. Exactly what i wanted :D

The train trip lasted a bit over an hour, but time passed by quickly since i was either closing my eyes (trying to catch up on some sleep) or my eyes were glued to the window. As we exited the train, like a flock of sheep, we followed the biggest herd and what do you know. They brought us straight to the ferry!

Ferry ride

The ferry was one of those that opened in the front to allow cars in. The ferry trip itself was took like 15 min or so. Quite short but refreshing nonetheless. Below is a girl that i saw climbing behind me. Ninja’d a photo of her.

When we got off the boat, the majority (meaning everyone but Martin and me) went onto the island bus. But really though, what fun is bus’ing when you can walk :D So we started walking along the roadside. Before we started to walk we however looked at this map they had set up. There were some “sightpoints” which were popular sightseeing points specified on the map so we decided to hit as many of those as possible on the trip. The first one was just around the corner according to the map!

As we walked towards the first sightpoint, we saw this small hill and decided to go and look at the view from there. As we kept walking we realized something, we couldn’t find this sightpoint anywhere =_= After walking half an hour or so looking for the viewpoint that seemed like a 10 min walk away, we gave up and just decided to follow the road and take a huge roundabout of the island.

Animal sightseeing

We saw multiple dogs as we walked around (which is always great) but the highlight were the sheep! There were sheep’s over there!! This is what I was waiting for in anticipation throughout this whole trip, seeing sheep! There was this one black sheep in a flock of like 40…. man what happened lol.

As we kept walking along, we came to a top of this hilly landscape. As we looked towards the bottom of the hill, we saw a town, that’s where we were heading! Half way down the hill, we saw exactly two cows in this huge field.

At the end of the hill and the beginning of the town, we saw more sheep! These werent at happy as the earlier ones though. They were a small group + they looked not that well taken care of…. Walking further into this small town, we saw a beautiful beach in the center of it all! At one of the benches, we started munching away at some sandwiches that Martin had made. They were yummy as usual.

When we were done the sandwiches, we decided to try to look for another one of those viewpoints that we saw on the map. So whats what we went for! After passing multiple interesting houses and walked down this grassy road, we came to a viewpoint! The viewpoint was TBH not that spectacular. Since the island looks amazing anyways, I had really big high expectations of this place, which it didn’t hit lol.

As we walked back to the beach area, Martin wanted to put his bare feet into the water. That is exactly what he did as I walked along with my shoes on xD By now we were on the pry for a place to get a pint!

A small local pub

A bit of a walk down the road from the beach, we saw this guy feeding the birds alongside the shoreline. Sat right besides him and watched for a bit while martin put on his shoes. Walking a bit further, we saw the big red T (for Tenants) which means beer, so we headed towards it! The size of the bar was quite small. It was pretty much the a bar top + 3 tables for 4 people each. In the bar we had a beer + a shot of single malt whiskey. In the bar there was also this one dog that was afraid of my camera, each time I tried taking a snap of him, he backed away slowly like I was gonna do something evil to him/her. Decided to not take a picture of the dog to keep its integrity xD

The epic back journey

It was time to go back to the ferry. We had about 3 hours to get back and we decided to take a different way back. Oh man what an epic journey back it was! First of all, we met two horses on the way back. Had to stop and give them a friendly hello. As we decided to take a shortcut past this sheep field (since we came to a dead-end where this hospital was). The field was totally ripped open and muddy which wasnt that great since I had on my black dress shoes on. Great view though!

We kept on walking through these fields which had tons of sheep, it was going quite fine until we hit a small stream of water which had this kinda dip to it. Martin was the one that pioneered the way through. There was this huge tree that had fallen which he climbed on and got across on. I slowly followed after. The one thing i was thinking about all the time was “please don’t fall and break your camera Paul!”

With some pure cunning-ness and skill, we crossed the river eventually. The fields we were walking on before before the river were all without any bushes, only pure grass. The fields that we were walking on after the river had tons of these bushes that made the place really hard to walk on.

There was also this one sheep that was stuck in this cage (which we were speculating was a feeding cage). His owner might have put him/her in there for being bad? We saw this other cage which we were sure of was a viewingpoints (on the map we first saw as we got off the ferry). As we got closer we quickly realized that it was a feeding point since the ground around it was all battered with sheep print.

After the weirdest trek through the sheep field, we get to a street sign which lead told us to go across another field of sheep. After a few laughs about how the signage and maps of Cumbrae were whack, we ended up creating a new term for something wet aka cumbri. It works in a sentence like this, this field is really cumbri. It was really fun at the time but not as funny as I try to explain it through this blog post =_=

As the sun set, the view just kept getting better and better until it became pitch dark. Like usual, I had to take some photos of the sunset!

As we got to the end of our journey, there wasnt that much that happened. We took the ferry back, then transferred to the train, then walked back from the central station. It was a good trip indeed.

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