Day: Feb 13 + Edinburgh

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Short Story Version

Nirmal, Martin, Neetu and me decided to take a trip to Edinburgh for the day. Scroll down to see images of dogs, alleyways, hills, buildings and other stuffs!

Long Story Version

So many things to talk about and ill write them all down over here! First things first, we had to book our bus tickets. Martin showed me a website called Megabus, other than its weird name, it was quite decent. We got tickets for 9am to leave and 10pm to come back.

In the morning I had a slice of bread before heading over to Martin and Nirmal’s flat, Nirmal was talking to his parents over Skype or something while martin had some kind of egg and ham concoction. It looked quite good. I had a cup of tea over there also. We then met up with Neetu and together we walked towards Buchanan bus station.

Our ticket consisted of a screenshot of the confirmation email that they had sent when I had booked our tickets. One thing I can say for sure is that this ticket must be the most easiest ticket to forge, ever! The driver just took a quick peek at my iPhone which I had put the screenshot on and it was aye okay. I wonder how many people abuse this system o.O

The bus ride was a bit longer than an hour. During the ride I decided to use my zoom lens for the majority of the trip, just to explore what I could do with it. When we arrived at the bus station, the first thing we went looking for was a map! We found it in one of these mini booklets and I must say, that one map was such a big help throughout this whole trip!

First we slowly headed towards Edinburgh castle, walking past a kilt store every few meters, I could totally tell that this place catered to tourists. The weather was quite windy and rain showers came every now and then but other than that, it was a really.. fresh day! After going to Edinburgh castle and coming to an agreement that 17 or so pounds would be too much we headed out towards the big mountain thingy!

It was so prevalent in our horizon that we just HAD to check it out. And that’s what we worked towards! Cutting through small streets, going by our sense of direction towards the big hill (the place is called Salisbury Craggs). When we got to the bottom of the hill, instead of walking the path made by people, Martin decides to be a trooper and cut through the forest right in front of us. The three of us decide to take the safe walk around haha.

When we got to the base of the hill, Martin was already half way up the slope! It was quite ridiculous how fast he had gotten up there but now it was up to us to catch up! So we quickly walked towards the hill path and started to walk up.

Holy crap what an intense hill it was. I must say that in all of my days in the boyscouts, this hill is right up there with the most intense hills out there! Having my camera in one hand while trying to climb with my not suitable at all shoes, it turned into quite the feat.

Once I got up there (before Nirmal and Neetu) there was a huge relief. The view was beautiful and the road up there was quite nice. Once Neetu and Nirmal also came up, we decided to have a small lunch break. Martin had packed some sandwiches before we left Glasgow and that’s what we were munching on. unfortunately we didn’t have any water, so our quest for liquids begin!

First we started to walk upwards on the path. After 10 min or so we realized that we were going to a “not so interesting area” of Edinburgh since the horizon started to get filled with residential housing. Soooo we backtracked and went the other way. As we were walking we realized another thing, the path we took up the hill was the HARDEST one out there. Compared to the calm and easy path we were walking on, the path we took to come up the hill was nerve wrecking! Once we got to the bottom of the hill, we started looking for a place to get drinks. After a bit of walking, we came across a Starbucks and decided to go in there. I had a large Caramel Macchiato which was quite good.

Walking a bit further we saw this children’s toys museum! Quite interesting so we walked in and took a look. What caught my eye was one of these zoetrope. Where you spin and look in through the cracks to see the images within move. Her face is a bit too close in this picture :P

Walking a bit more we saw this nifty fabric store so we decided to go in there also. Many of the things in this store were made of tweed! The lady behind the counter was really friendly and we started talking. It was like she knew where every item came from since she would just choose an item and talk a bit about where it came from and who made it. I ended up buying a Harris Tweed tie which is orange.

After a good 45 or so minutes of relaxing, we started our walk again, this time martin wanted to backtrack and get some souvenir for his wife and that’s what we did. After we did that, our next mission was to go and see the coast!

Man what a mission this was, we were already quite tired and the shoreline was so far away in the distance. We didn’t know how long it would take but all we knew was that we wanted to go there! So we started walking haha. I can’t really describe the walk.. we had to take a pit stop at Tesco’s (a convenience store) since we were clearly dying of hunger. The walk was only 1.5-2 hours ish but it felt SOOO long. Seriously when we decided to go to the coast, it was bright and when we arrived it was pitch dark haha.

When we finally arrived, we saw this one bench that had our name on it and ate our food which we got from Tesco’s. So before we started walking back, I told everyone to estimate how long it would take to walk back again, I guessed 1hour and 30min, which was the lowest guess. The rest was like 2+ hours. So what I did was to take the time with my handy-dandy iPhone. By the time we arrived at the bus stop, 1 hour and 13 minutes had passed! Guess what, we had like a good hour to burn so what do we do. We go to a bar and grab a beer!

After the beer we sluggishly walk back to the bus and get on. I was planning on sleeping on the bus but there were these two girls watching Sex and the city and i ended up just following along. It was the episode where this shoe sales guy had a foot fetish and gave free shoes to one of the girls.

By the time we got back to Buchanan station, we were all pooped, our feet were hurting and we slowly started walking back to our residence. Oh what a long day indeed!


  1. Nancy
    24 Feb ’11

    Wowow~ so many pretty photos!!

    • Paul
      24 Feb ’11

      When i get back to toronto, we have to go on more photo trips! Get tons of pretty photos :D

    19 Feb ’11

    me F/o Nirmal prasad

    19 Feb ’11

    Fantastic narration with illustrations with photos made me as if i was at edinburgh.Excellent


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