Day: Jan 20th + Nacho’s!

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Day: Jan 20th + Nacho’s!

A few days prior to today, we decided that on Thursday, we were having a chicken dinner! I wasnt told to make anything specific so i got the creative freedom to do whatever i want (yay). The day started normally, went to school, chugged away at my assignment.

I had still not bought my ingredients for my nacho’s and i knew that i would not get what i wanted from the close by convenient store called Tesco’s (since its quite dinky in size). So i went together with Martin to this huge supermarket 10 or so minutes away, it was totally worth it. Got all the ingredients i wanted (tortilla chips, minced meat, green onions, taco seasoning, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, sour cream and corn). Martin ended up buying 4 pints of Stella and some other stuff.

When i got back to the apartment, i just went to town and started the nacho creation. I had never made it before but i saw my sister do it once in our apartment and it seemed quite easy, and it was! Aside from the making of them being easy, their taste were delicious!

The trick to making a good nacho platter is to layer the ingredients multiple times. Put a layer of nacho chips onto a oven safe plate. Add a layer of the ingredients and top it off with cheese. Then rinse and repeat the process and keep layering it (this way there wont be strangling uncoated nacho chips at the bottom of the plate. What i did to not burn the top layer of the nacho’s were to put it into the oven after each layer of cheese, so that it all would be thoroughly melted once the top layer of nachos were done.

The Nacho’s were only the appetizer, it was followed by yummy chicken, veggies, potatoes, gravy + some buns that reminded me of chubby pancakes. For desert we had this microwave’able chocolate cake and a ice cream cake. Quite the dinner i must say!

After all of the eating, i headed over to Martin and Nirmal’s apartment, where we ended up drinking a bit and playing dice games. Yahtzee anyone?!

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  1. Maria Townsley
    29 Jan ’11

    Yorkshire Puddings! That what the little fat pancake things are! Fill the hole with gravy! So good!


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