Day: Jan 26 + The Lighthouse Gallery

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Recently i have had multiple inspirational ideas for my expert project. I think everything is somehow just coming together, thank god for that! My project in a nutshell, what i am doing is asking up and coming graphic design students what skills they believe are valuable for a graphic design expert + why they think so.

Since i am going to get inducted to the letter press room soon (This coming monday!), i really want to use this new learned skill to present the thoughts of  “what up and coming graphic designers think they need to become an expert”.

Later on in the day a big chunk of our class went to this 4th year art gallery show. It was preliminary 4th year stuff but interesting none the less. When we arrived at the lighthouse gallery, we went up numerous escalators until we came to the 5th or 6th floor where the show was. What were we greeted with as we came up? Free drinks! We could choose between wine and beer! Ive been to a few art shows in Toronto but they never provided free alcohol!

When i first entered, there werent that many people around but as time went by, it became packed and it was quite hard to look at the art pieces (luckily i had seen all of them by then so i was at the socializing stage but those who hadnt seen them all must have had a hard time!). I didnt see anyone taking photos at the gallery so i ended up taking a total of 1 photo there….!

When i got back home to the apartment, i bumped into Hugh and Sam in the kitchen. Sam was making curly fries while Hugh made a delicious looking pasta.

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