Day: Jan 27-30 + Barras Market

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Day: Jan 27-30 + Barras Market

Gonna do a quick summary on these days. On thursday it was a regular school day but when it was over, at the clock hit 12, a big bunch of us went over to the VIC (which is the school bar that turns into a nightclub at night!). And coincidentally, Glasgow School of Art students get free admission! This club night happens every Thursday and ive actually made an effort ever since I came to Glasgow to go to this event but for some reason it just didn’t work out on all the other Thursday so this time, I made sure I went!

It was tons of fun! I had only been on the first floor where they have two pool tables during the day. At night they removed them and the place became a dance floor. On the second floor there was an even bigger dance floor. And on the third floor… “drumroll”… coat check! I went up exploring and stood in this lineup for like 3 minutes just to realize that it was for checking in your coats lol. The club was open from 11 to 3, I stayed until like 2:45 just to beat the leaving rush xD

Came back to the apartment to meet Sam, Hannah and Will. Had some liverpate, cheese and bread. Classy lol.

The next day I used to recover… was quite pooped from the long day + drinking that went on.

On saturday, Nirmal, Martin and me had decided to go to the Barras market! What it is a pretty big flea market. When we came there, I must say that I expected it to be more… flea market’ish… o.O Many of the things they sold were not used or services like picture framing. Only a few “real” flea market stores. After looking through a big chunk of the stores, I came across this table in this back alley where I found something super interesting. Letterpress letters! I jumped on it and now I have a mini set of letterpress letters for 5 pounds :D Wont be using them ever but they are quite nifty as a standalone artifact from Glasgow! We all ended up buying something. Nirmal got some sponges for their kitchen (lol) while Martin got a Yahtzee game + an ashtray.

After spending a few hours at this market, we went around to look for a place to eat. While looking for a place we saw this statue (that looks sooo much like the pyro from TF2!) lol. As three guys, we had a hard time decide on a place to eat and in the end we went into this cafe called Costa where we got two hot chocolates and a cappuccino. In this cafe, I busted out my 300mm lens and started practicing taking photos of people/stuff in a stalker’ish way. I must say it was quite intriguing.

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