Day: Jan 30-Feb 11 + Twelve day summary

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So I havent updated in a while, which I feel kinda bad for o well here goes! I’ll start with something that i tried recently. Story mode begin! It was Hannah’s Bday and as a midnight snack, I joined her and Will to the State for a drink or two. After that then we went around to look for a place to eat. First we went to this pizza place which closed then we looked for an Indian but most places were closed. Then we decided to go to King’s Cafe (Nirmal/Martin told me recently that we could get deep friend mars bars there) so we decided to go there. Man this place had tons of weird stuff and what did we end up walking out of the place with? One deep-fried pizza each and a deep friend mars bar to share. Holy crap this was really delicious. I know these pictures wont describe the deliciousness but believe me, both the pizza and Mars bar were yummy, frying stuff totally changes its experience!

On another topic, we had our “final” critiques on friday where we were split into two groups and presented what we had done so far. The reason im putting final into quotation marks is because after this critique, we still have two weeks to do changes to the project… So much for the word FINAL! Well my critique went… less than stellar and now I have kinda changed my whole concept. From looking at what others think are valuable skills for a Graphic Designer and putting it on letterpress posters, I am instead just spending tons of time in the letterpress room, amassing tons of rough work which will represent my attempt at becoming an expert in letterpress’ing. Another thing that I understood is that im not getting marked until the end…. which is different from OCAD since we wont know where we stand throughout the term. Most of the projects were mediocre but there was this one that REALLY stood out imo. It was this one from Gabriella which is a typographic representation of a Mike Tyson interview.

Here is my wall of what an expert is. The post it notes have skills that students around the department think are valuable for a Graphic Designer and the reason they think so. I managed to make three posters but I was going to make way more (but now that my idea has totally changed again, my posters will now be on whatever topic I feel like, ill focus more on experimentation than the message). I’m actually glad that im changing my topic because by looking at the posters alone, you can’t really get the message that im trying to convey…

As for the letterpress room, its amazing! I know we have one at OCAD but I have never really checked it out, reason? I have no idea where it is and they hardly advertise for it… Over here, all the GD students have been accustomed to it and it was mandatory to take a learning session in the caseroom (the letterpress room). Edwin, a graduate is taking care of the caseroom and if it wasnt for him, I believe the place would have shut down (which would be a shame) so a pat on the back to him!

I went to Edinburgh yesterday and I have tons of photos from that. Will slowly sort it out and make a blog post about it!

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