Day: Late Feb’ish + Screenprinting

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Hamster sitting

A few weeks ago we were given a hamster to take care of! Her name is Mitsy. Weirdly enough, I have gotten into a habit of calling it Ham Ham and changed its gender haha. Not sure how long we will be keeping him in the residence but he is nice to have around!

Merchant City Market

Martin and me also decided to go to this Merchant City Market, which was by far, the most disappointing market ive ever seem. Not sure if we came late, or the majority of the market was somewhere else but I could literally count the some booths in this market on my hands… What we ended up doing was going into this bar called O’Neal’s and grabbed a beer while watching a soccer game before heading back.


At school, another skill students over here get to dabble in is screenprinting! They don’t do it with acetate (the ghetto way that i would think of doing it with) but instead, you have to put your design straight on the screen through this coating. Quite an interesting process which involves exposing the coating with your design on it to light so that the areas that are covered by your design washes off. This coating technique is called photo emulsion. Interesting but really but consuming stuff!

At the end of the screenprinting action, we also had to wash our screens with chemicals and a high pressure water gun. Malcolm was nice enough to volunteer to go into the green suit and do the dirty work lol.

On another note, we had another flat clean up party again. Man our place gets dirty really fast haha.


  1. Lee Fong
    4 Mar ’11

    Hi Paul,

    It’s been great reading your blog. Hamster is very cute. Edinburgh looks very interesting. Your pics came out great. BTW if you still have some $$ left, would appreciate it if you bought some hazelnut (whole pieces) chocolate – Freia or other local brand when you stop by in Oslo. Tak! LF

    • Paul
      6 Mar ’11

      Thanks Lee Fong! Well im obviously going to stuff my luggage with as much chocolate as possible once i head back home haha. Will make sure to include a healthy amount of hazelnut ones :P

  2. Fei
    2 Mar ’11

    Totally off topic, but I now know how to coptic bind without covers!!! Legit! We should make a tutorial once you get back.

  3. Fei
    2 Mar ’11

    Lookin’ good there (I’m talking to the hamster… j/k)! Saw your post on Edinburgh, the tele-lens got some good exercise? Hope the bag’n'stuff for the camera is working out – am expecting full report upon our arrival. Just by the way. Kirk says hi :D

    • Paul
      2 Mar ’11

      Haha, yea i decided to use the tele lens all day, to test it out. I must say, its quite beasty! And the camera bag = ace :D

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